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Russia might not be high on everyone’s list of holiday ...

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Phuket, Thailand

The largest island in Thailand boasts enough marvels to impress ...

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Porto, Portugal

This coastal Portuguese city has all the elements of a ...

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Barcelona, Spain

This city’s diverse and distinguished architecture ...

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Bali, Indonesia

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little ...

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New York City

From Frank Sinatra to Jay Z, countless musicians have tried to ...

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Why travel? We travel to define life….
Perhaps most importantly, travel gives a new meaning to life; it opens our eyes to the things that matter, takes us by surprise, and leads to the (wonderfully) unexpected— only for us to realize that that is exactly where we need to be. Theologian Abraham Joshua Heschel ponders that, “The beginning of our happiness lies in the understanding that life without wonder is not worth living.”
It is precisely this wonder for life and the quest to find definition that serves as the greatest motivator to living a fulfilling life, both abroad and at home.- Author Unknown

The Kenya government is to take control of Kenya Airways. This follows a deal that will see the government, in conjunction with domestic lenders, convert airline debt into equity, reports Inside Travel. More than $400 million (R5,76bn) of the airline’s debt will be converted in the deal, increasing the government’s stake in Kenya Airways from 29,8% to 48,9%. Air France KLM has a 26,7% stake in the airline. In a statement issued to the Nairobi Stock Exchange, the national carrier said the government had given the airline more than $200 million (R2,88bn) of Kenyan shilling and dollar-denominated loans. Eleven local banks have also benefited from the deal, acquiring a 38,1% stake, which will be held in a special purpose vehicle called KQ Lenders Co.

FlySafair passengers can now use their smartphone or mobile device to make payment when booking flights says Inside Travel. The low-cost airline has entered into a partnership with Zapper to use the Zapper app for purchasing tickets online as well as at the airline’s web kiosk and sales desk at OR Tambo International Airport. Smartphone customers can pay with Zapper when making a booking, use the phone to scan a QR code on their computer screen and confirm the amount owing for payment to take place. They then tap the generated QR code to confirm payment. Eswee Vorster, FlySafair head of IT & innovation, says: “By introducing Zapper as an additional payment method, we provide our customers more options and greater flexibility. Zapper is a good fit in driving FlySafair’s strategy to become the most innovative airline in the country – driven by leading-edge technology trends and seamless user behaviour.”